Synthèse LLCE: This article written by David Robson

Publié le 03/04/2022

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« TG03 LLCE SYNTHESE This article written by David Robson, explains the work of Tim Lomas.

His work is about how important it is to express our feelings with precise words.

The message of this article is that we don't put as much attention as we should on the words we chose to express our many emotions.

We always use the same words to express our feelings and it might be a barrier to the transmission of our deep feelings.

For him, this lack of vocabulary in our respective languages could even cause harm to some and even poor emotional development for children.

Tim Lomas think that the understanding of emotions is essential for good mental health, he also hopes that psychologist will use his etude to help their patients in the future, when is project will be more in-depth. Nevertheless in the painting Le Baiser of Klimt, there isn't any word but this doesn't prevent us from understanding the love that unites the man and the woman represented in the painting.

Klimt wants to show us the purest form of love in all his simplicity.

He shows us that only an embrace allows transmitting his emotions, words don't have to be used to show his feelings here.

There is also the physical language, and sometimes it might be stronger than speaking.

He is not only transmitting emotions with the physical language, but also with the visual.

Indeed we do not have someone who embraces us, but we are watching two people hug each other.

We understand how they feel just by looking at the painting, and we interpret it as if it were our own emotions. Then in the literary text that I chose, Sonnet 116 of Shakespeare, we can see that if the love. »


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