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Publié le 09/06/2024

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« Dossier Spécialité English For years, black people had to face injustice.

From slavery to police violence, they have never given up and have always fought for equality.

Eventhough, the pain may seem less intense, it is still exist and we must talk about it and never close our eyes.

A lot of people fought and are still fighting for black people cause in America .

To name a but a few Marthin Luther, Nelson Mandela, Viola Davis, Amandla Stenberg and so on. This fight can take several forms, violent or non-violent resistance, artistic expression, movies, books or even pictures.

Nevertheless, art is not only that, talking , talking is an art Martin Luther King used it in order to denounce and support those who need .

The goal being to speak out loud , you , you or even you and me have this right Because these violences are a fact, this is a reality. That is why today I would like to show you how can art denounce prejudices and injustice while supporting black people’s fight.

Firstly, I will speak about the injustices and prejudices that afro-american have always supported in the USA .

Secondly, I will focus on their fight for equality and finally , I will show the importance of black pride. Police violence is spread all over the usa.

Black people are unfairly beaten and killed for no reason almost everyday by some white police officers across the country .

Everybody know what happened to George Floyd, he got killed for only twenty dollars.

But he’s absolutely not the only one, Rayshard Brooks(27y) , Breonna Taylor(26y) , Aura Rosser(40), Tamir Rice ( 12y), Micheal Brown (18y), I will stop here since the list is long.

They are the ones under the gun not behind it.

You probably know the song « This is America » by Donald Glover in which he denounces police violence and all the murders especially in America .

In the chorus he explains that police are killing people and how it’s « easy » to kill in America .

In the music, their is a silence of 17sec which implies the number of students who were shot in the Florida Parkland shooting.

This son gis actually a masterpiece, art is the best way to convey a message . Indeed, An incredible book called « the hate u give » denounces the violences that black people live and all the prejudices that peolpe have about them .

The title remind it, if you take the first letters of every words, it means « THUG » that is how black people are considered and nothing else whereas they are human like you and me.

The story of this book really moved me and some quotes are very representating of the situation, listen up : « I can’t change where I come from or what I’ve been through, so why should I be ashamed of what makes me , me ? » It shows how people judge them just because of where they live, the prejudices they heard and the instant judgment by seeing their color.

Moreover I was talking about the art of talking and a quotes has a link with it , it says : « What’s the point of having a voice if you’re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn’t be ? » but what are « those moments you shouldn’t be » Well, for me we have to use our voice to talk about the under representation of black people in the juridical system.

Ted Ellis a black arstit, painted « Champions of justice », in which the main characters in middle are balck people from the juridical system.

This painting denounces the fact that in court your skin color matter and has an impact on the decision and the need of being more represented in the juridical system, to judge fairly because in most of cases, police officers continue their life like if nothing happened whereas those people are dead and their families will suffer their whole life .

it happened in the movie twelve angry men where a young boy with a different origin were judge instanly guilty just because of the stereoypes around him, but we don’t know, a color, an origin, a gender doesn’t absolutely define who you are.

Everybody can have the benefit of the doubt and.... »


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