Research proposal - influence of Instagram on the youth

Publié le 25/04/2022

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Instagram has experienced a boom in recent years and today has become more than a social network but a lifestyle. Young people, having had more access to IT tools (smarthphone, tablet, etc.), also had more frequent interactions with Instagram. In this research paper, based on the previous facts, we asked us the following question : what effect does daily use of Instagram have on the teenagers of under-19s? Based on a set of literature concerning this topic we will formulate a hypothèses and provide a method and a sample to study our research question. Literature review Some studies have already been conducted on the subject. for example, a study conducted by Mariska Kleemans, Serena Daalmans, Ilana Carbaat and Doeschka Anschütz especially on young girls(14-18 years old) (in 2016) showed that the beauty of a girl on Instagram leads to lower body satisfaction (self-esteem) in the other girls, that was called the "picture effect". Also, prior research indicated that social comparison could make people feel socially anxious. Social comparison consists of people’s biological inclination to evaluate their situation, skill, and overall identity in comparison to others, based on the information they receive about others (Festinger, 1954). According to Stein Some people rank lower than others, which could increase mental access to negative self-assessment and self-imagery during interactions with other people, resulting in greater social anxiety. Following this, Antony et al. (2005) found that people with greater tendency toward either upward or downward social

« Research methodology : research proposal Yoann Anthony Simo Tagne Should you let your children use Instagram ? Abstract: This study aims to explore the effect of Instagram use on teenagers.

The results of the studies mentioned below indicated that girls are generally unaware that Instagram photos might be manipulated and generaly perceive manipulated photos as more attractive, beside, exposure to manipulated Instagram photos directly led to lower body image.

Especially, girls with higher social comparison tendencies were negatively affected by exposure to the manipulated photos.

Also, multiple exposure to appearance-focused real Instagram profiles of attractive same-sex people led to greater body dissatisfaction among women.

According to these facts, the hypothesis of the the enhanced sensibilty of young girls toward social comparison compared to that of young boys.. »


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