does the end justifies the means

Publié le 20/06/2022

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« DOES THE END JUSTIFY THE MEANS? 1er5 Before answering this question we need to define what it means, the end justifies the means is used to say that a desired result can be so good that any method, even a morally bad one may be used to achieve it. Yes the end can justify the means as long as the means used are symmetrically equals to the goal, if you use bad means to achieve a great goal the means have to justify the end by symmetrically equal to the goal.

For me any evil action action is acceptable as long as it is justifiable for a good cause and that’s what Niccolo Machiavelli,the man who said this quote, thinks too. Let’s take an exemple, the example of Robin Hood a fictionnal character from disney.

Robin Hood was considered as a criminal because he was steeling from the rich to give back to the poors. But he did that because his village was so poor that people couldn’t even eat.

He knew that even if he stealed from the richs they will steal live peacefully with enough money to live until their last days, but his village couldn’t even live so yes in his case the end justified the means he helped thousands of people of course doing bad things but it resulted with something so good that the means were justified. When saying that the end justifies the means it doesn’t have to imply that the means are immoral, let’s take the exemple of some companies, some companies uses good things like being a great company for the environment and use green policies. »


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