présentation de l'ours polaire (anglais, collège)

Publié le 24/05/2023

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« We first chose an endangered animal which is the polar bear.

The first traces of the polar bear date back 1.3 million years.

The polar bear has a metabolism that allows it to live on sea ice.

Its place of life is limited to the Arctic zone, and more particularly to the ice floe which surrounds the North Pole. It is an omnivorous mammal, it is perfectly protected by its fur and a thick layer of body fat.

It feeds on seals, walruses, fish.

To hunt, the polar bear alights at the edge of an ice hole, where seals frequently come to breathe, and it jumps on its prey and seizes it with a kick of its paw.

Its highly developed sense of smell allows it to locate seals hidden under the ice. we chose this animal because the polar bear is a victim of the melting ice of the Arctic Ocean and also of hunters who hunt them to such an extent that it is now on the red list of endangered species. It is endangered because there are strong reasons to fear that this vulnerable species will disappear completely in less than 100 years. Estimates are alarming: out of 22,000 polar bears currently recorded, 14,000 of them could disappear within thirty years. 2.

There are approximately 25,000 polar bears, divided into nineteen distinct subpopulations in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, the Svalbard Islands in far northern Norway, and Siberia. 3.The greatest threat to the polar bear is global warming.

Due to rising temperatures, the ice floe at the Arctic pole is melting and the habitat of the polar bear is shrinking… With the reduction in the surface of the ice floe, the hunting period of the polar bear is getting shorter in the spring and at the beginning of summer so he becomes hungry in winter… Scientists have shown that the main cause of death in bear cubs is the lack of food.

Finally, the ice, which is thinner, can drift with the wind and currents, carrying polar bears At sea. 4.

we are sad to see this animal disappear because of human.... »


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