description de la peinture "Le supplice de Jane Grey" en anglais

Publié le 24/04/2022

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« Fiche Anne Boleyn, a doomed Queen Axe : Fiction et réalité // Territoires et mémoire Sujet : description de la peinture « Le supplice de Jane Grey » We are going to present the supplice of Jane Grey : this picture is an oil on canvas and was painted by the french artist from the 19th (neinteenth) century.

This painting could be painted in 1833 (eighteen thirty three). Delaroche naimed his painting « Le supplice de Jane Grey » because he wanted to make a reconstitution of her execution, so Jane is in the foreground and at the center of the canvas, and she is blindfolded, she have white clothes, to represent innocence, as a consequence, it means that we told her become the queen, so she came on the throne, and 9 days after, she was beheaded, and in front of her on the painting, there is a medieval chopping block, and some straw to absorb blood.

On her left, the executioner has a rosette on his left shoulder, it represents nation, with nation colors, and have an axe and looks like he’s ready to decapitate Jane.

Next to Jane, we can see an old man who represent Sir John Brydges, 1st (first) Duke of Chandos, lieutenant of the London Tower.

Jane is accompanied by two ladies in waiting, who looks sad because Jane will be beheaded.

Ladies are on the left, in the background of the painting.

All of the characters sands on an estrade which is covered by a black sheet.

On the right of the background, we can guess behind the executioner, the coffin. Petites précisions : Tout ce qu’il y a entre parenthèses correspond à la prononciation des nombres et des dates. Aussi, la consigne qui allait avec ce texte était « En binômes, présenter un tableau à la manière d’un guide de musée.

» et j’ai eue la note de 16/20.

La page suivante correspond à la traduction en français du texte.. »


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