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Publié le 10/06/2024

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« Passage Oral ANGLAIS Irem : Hello everyone welcome to our TV show.

Today our debate will focus on the influence of Barbie over the years. To debate this theme, we invited various people : We are lucky to welcome the historian Mathis, the marketing manager Luidgi, a Barbie fan Jade, a Barbie opponent Alexis, Ruth Handler's granddaughter and finally the phychologist from Harvard University Léa . Who wants to start this debate ? Don’t be shy.

For example Mathis you could start to contextualize the creation of this doll for us Mathis : Of course, in 1959, the co-founder of the Mattel company, Reth Handler, created the doll Barbie watching her daughter Barbara play with a Swiss fashion doll.

She then wants to create a toy that hallows her to imagine the future she wants, while showing her that a woman can be whatever she wants. Over the decades, Barbie has become known throughout the world, and it is above all thanks to the image of the perfect woman that the doll offer. Irem : Well, what does a marketing officer think of this ? Luidgi : Fueled by a competent marketing department, the world of Barbie is constantly expanding.

Today, nearly 200 different models coexist.

Sold 350,000 copies in the first year, in 1959, in 2022, more than 59 million copies have been sold in twelve countries - France, United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Germany, England, Italy, Spain , Belgium and the Netherlands. Mathis : Really ? I didn't think the values were so high ! Luidgi : Yes really In 2011, the company achieved 4.8 billion euros in turnover and 590 million euros in profits.

A large portion of Mattel's products are manufactured in China, where the group has four of its nine factories and where the majority of its other suppliers operate. So, this doll which seems innocuous at first glance brings in a lot of money for companies.

They are now a real business.

Your grandmother's doll served us a lot Barbara. Jeanne : My grandmother created Barbie for my mother. Because she sees the doll's potential but also because there were only baby dolls on the market. And grandma was right, many little girls these days have a Barbie.... Barbies let little girls imagine their own world.

It's a good thing for their imagination. Alexis : I'm sorry but with all respect, I disagree with your comments.

I am totally against the image and influence of Barbie because: Barbie creates a stigmatized image of women and therefore lacks diversity.

Barbie only reinforces prejudices and stereotypes. Irem: It’s interesting, we have varied opinions. Jade : I think Barbara is right.

Barbie dolls are the best way for little girls and boys to imagine incredible adventures.

This must-have doll is ideal for children who love fairy tales: Barbie Mermaid, Barbie Fairy, Princess Barbie and more.

The Barbie doll can be used by children aged eight and over. Little girls love playing Barbie because for them, Barbie is a source of inspiration. With this doll, they…. Alexis : Barbie is not universal for all women, some feel excluded ! Irem : Please don't cut her off, let her speak.

Jade con can continue please . Jade : With this doll, they can become whoever they dream of being: model, doctor, astronaut, teacher...

This toy offers little girls, but also little boys, unlimited possibilities to express their.... »


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