Multiculturalisme et Canada: Why is Multiculturalism a very important concept in Canada?

Publié le 15/04/2022

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« Why is Multiculturalism a very important concept in Canada? First, to recognize the growing diversity, Canada was the first country to adopt a formal multiculturalism policy in 1971.

It is a country marked by immigrants and immigration, a process that began with the First Nations who helped English and French settlers. - Foreground: - 4 people with different ideas or cultures.

This shows the multiculturalism that is so prevalent in Canada.

We can indeed see a woman, surely a Muslim, and on this subject, Canada has put in place “Inter-Action”, the multiculturalism funding program based on the elimination of discrimination, racism and prejudice against Islam.

This project focuses on diversity in an integrated and inclusive society. - A painting with different Hands in different colors.

These hands are symbols of diversity and multiculturalism.

This photo was taken on June 27, 2016, during Canadian Multiculturalism Day.

Canadian Multiculturalism Day is a special opportunity to celebrate Canada’s diversity and appreciate the contributions of diverse groups and multicultural communities to Canadian society.

This is an important day that Canadians do not miss.

They are very committed to these values.

This makes Canada more attractive to foreigners. - A Canadian flag can be seen in the center.

In fact, the Canadian flag has white and red colors, allusions to the United Kingdom for red and France for white.

So, from the time the flag was created, the country had the culture of biculturalism, now replaced by multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism also recognizes both official languages, English and French.

And Canada recognizes the rights of Aboriginal people and the rights of all Canadians without social, racial or religious distinction. - Someone is pointing her finger at a hand, maybe her hand, and she is happy to have been part of this artwork, this construction.

This painting is truly a symbol. The different colors also represent the diversity of Canadians.. »


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