Lecture sur Le transfert de Jacques Lacan

Publié le 09/06/2022

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« Argument for the Conference on the Writings of Lacan in Belgium By Adrian Ortiz I am going to present a possible reading of Lacan’s Ecrit “Intervention sur le transfert”.

The reading of this article should be placed within the framework of a way of conceiving the Lacan Freud articulation.

And this within the at least three ways of thinking of the analytic praxis from the path traveled by Lacan. Lacan has repeatedly indicated that reading implies identifie the thesis of a text applying to it what it proposes to us: in this regard, in this Ecrit, I would emphasize this formule of Lacan “The textual nature of the commentary that I make." Textual here is to be understood in the sense of significant materiality. This materiality is marked by the incessant repetition of the term recognition and its opposite misrecognition, and the term truth and its opposite, falsehood. This text then aims to ensure a "textual reading".

And in the textual reading of this Ecrit we have said allows us to verify that there are countless repetitions of these words we marked: 1 “… c´est une exigence d´être reconnu par l´homme” Rfp pag.154, E supprimés E (english version Fink/Grigg) deleted E (castellano versión Tomas Segovia, suprimido 2 “… ne pouvons nous voir là quelque méconnaissance d´une donnée immédiate” Rfp page.

155, E.

Page 216, E (e F/G) page 177 “indicate misrecognition of an immediate given” E (castellano versión Tomas Segovia, “¿No podemos ver en ello algún desconocimiento de un dato inmediato…? Pag.

38 3 “Et reconnaître dans l´attention privilégiée accordée a la fonction des traits muets” RFP page.

155 E page 216 E (e F/G ) page 177 “Must we not recognize, in the privileged attention...” E (castellano versión Tomas Segovia, “…y reconocer, en la atención privilegiada concedida a la función de los rasgos mudos del comportamiento…” pag. 38 1. »


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