Kate Middleton fashion influence

Publié le 03/10/2022

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« KATE MIDDLETON Hi everyone, so for this presentation I chose the subject Number 3 and I’m going to introduce to you Kate Middleton’s influence on fashion. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Middleton grew up in Chapel Row, a village near Newbury, England.

She studied art history in Scotland at the University of St Andrews, where she met William.

She has a minimum background in the fashion industry. She worked part time until 2011 as a catalogue photographer,web page designer and marketing officer for her parent's firm 'Party pieces' She has had a major impact upon British and American fashion which has been termed the "Kate Middleton effect", and in 2012 was selected as one of the "Most Influential People in the World" by Time magazine.

At just 40 years old Kate M has just been elected royal fashion icon by fashion retail Academy. Kate Middleton has tremendous selling power.

Her ability to move the market and set the trend is unmatched.

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