anglais: Lesson 9: Megan Rapinoe at the White House

Publié le 23/02/2022

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« Lesson 9: Megan Rapinoe at the White House This online article is extracted and adapted from .

It was published on March 25th, 2021 by Des Bieler and Cindy Boren and it talks about Megan Rapinoe’s visit to the White House in Washington DC to stand for gender equ al ity in sports , and more precisely for equal pay .

Rapinoe is a soccer star and champion as she has won many titles such as fou r World Cups. At the White House, Rapinoe met the US President Joe Biden and his wife – the first lady Jill Biden – who support this cause as we can quote on line 14 -15 that Biden’s “administration is going to fight f or equal pa 0 because Jill Biden doesn’t “want [her] granddaughters to have to fight this same battle” (l.46). Rapinoe sees President Biden as “one of [their] greatest allies” (l.11 -12) .

Rapinoe is accompanied by Margaret Purce, another US soccer player, who supports Rapinoe in her fight for gender equality as we can see on lines 39 -40 that she wants people to “in vest in women”. The last person mentioned in the text is a former national team player, Cindy Parlow Cone, who was elected president of the US Soccer Federatio n in March 2020.

She wants to make things change at the federation as she affirms, theWRRDUH committed to equal pa O) .

In addition to being a true champion , Megan Rapinoe is also a sports activist since she “testified (…) about gender equality ” (l.10) and she is recognized as “an outspoken critic of the US Soccer Federation’s treatment of the women’s national team and was a major figure behind a gender -discrimination lawsuit filled against the USSF in 2019 (l.23 -25). Equal pay is the pr inciple of paying men and women the same amount of money for the same job and qualifications.

The Women’s soccer players won many trophies and are four times world champions but they are still paid less than men ( though US men ’s soccer players have fewer trophies).. »


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