Analyse de l'image Automat, Edward Hopper, 1927

Publié le 07/05/2022

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« Automat, Edward Hopper, 1927 This image is a painting belonging to the American realism made by the realist painter Edward Hopper in 1927 titled Automat.

It’s presented in an inaudible and melancholic setting.

It is composed of one single person, unmoving objects and empty surroundings, during nighttime in an automat.

A first look makes us notice an alone welldressed woman in the middle, wearing a yellow hat and a green fur coat.

The woman is lost in her thoughts, she is gazing her cup of coffee with an empty chair in front of her.

We see an obscure night and the reflect of the rows of lights spots through the window in the background, a radiator in the bottom left-hand corner, in addition to a colored fruit platter behind the woman.

The dress of the woman and the place show that she is in a big, developed city. We can know that the woman is in an automat because we see no waiters.

The woman is all alone, her face is expressionless, she seems tired, even if she is welldressed, we can feel a kind of negligence thus her hat is unsymmetrical, she is wearing a glove just in her left hand which means that she is maybe in a hurry, she is wearing her coat even though there is a radiator in the place which shows that the scene happens in a cold winter or that the radiator is simply not functioning, we see also an empty plate on the table which shows that she is sitting there and overthinking for a long time.

the painter accentuates her loneliness with the empty chair just in front of her.

We see no doors as if this woman is stuck there, we can just see the window and the reflection of the lights that hides the streets of the city.

All these details rise questionings about the painting such as : Why is this woman alone? How did she get here and what is she thinking of ? what makes her so tired and ambiguous? The tired and unhappy mood of this woman could be a result a long loneliness that affected her emotional state, she may be thinking of the reasons of this loneliness.

The well colored fruit platter behind her is the only detail that. »


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