Why art is so powerful ?

Publié le 09/04/2021

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« Art can be defined as the expression or application of human creative skills and imagination, producing works that are intented to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.

Art became far more than the creation of beauty, or enternainment since artists offer the world their perspective on things.

It became a means for the artists, to question or criticize, so art is quite subjective.

Last but not least, some forms of art are inherently subsersive because their very form questions the established values of a society.


Why art is so powerful? Art is a universal means of communication and a hugely popular one.

That is especially true today when means of distribution have improved so much that art is now a worldwide commodity, reaching every corner of the planet in a short time.

In that sense, art exposes things in the eyes of the world.

It can reveal what you do not see.

Thus, it can serve as a support for denouncing curses or to pay tribute.

It strikes minds with its symbolic images or words and can affect deeply the spectator, the reader or the listener.

When we see a powerful work of art, we want to make real-life changes.

Indeed, when we are thinking about war, slavery, racism, sometimes wo do not really realize the consequences.

But thanks to the work of arts, we may really understand theses curses, we can be touched and outraged. -Art is everywhere, just by turning the the radio on for exemple.

In my opinion the song is one of the most powerful art, more than a poem or a novel because understand a message with the rythm and the singer’s voice, is easier.

Also, the music, the instruments, the voice may cause lots of emotions.

Some committed songs, Imagine by John Lennon, for example, left its mark on the society.

-Art is everywhere, just by turning the television on or just by going to the cinema.

Admittedly, nowadays, it can be a bit complicated because this place is closed because of the Covid, but you can still watch movies, series or listen speeches at home, on your tv or on your computer, obviously thanks to legal sites… Art is everywhere, just by going out.

Subversive art is often exhibited in public places, as they facilitate anonymity and exposure to a wide audience without authorization.

Street art in particular uses these means.

I think we all have heard of Banksy, but he does not made powerful art in the US, so later we will talk about JR who released powerful street-art in the US.


The art denounces many curses. First, we know that Americans cast doubt on the jury system in the USA, and 12 angry men deals with it.

This movie is about a criminal case in America in which a young boy is accused of killing his father and the twelve members of the jurors have to decide on his fate.

In America, a jury system corresponds to a panel of twelve people, randomly selected.

They know nothing about the case and are not related to it in any ways.

Jurors must pay close attention to tesimonies, have to be open-minded and not let their prejudices dictate their verdicts to conduct a fair trial but it is not always the case and that is what the movie wants to show.

Indeed, several actions and thoughts show that the deliberation is not proceeding as it should.

First, before jurors take a seat, some of them are talking to each other regarding the trial while it is not permitted; Juror 3 and Juror 7 share to Juror 2 and Juror 10 respectively their opinions about the trial so Jurors may influence each other. Also, Jurors are not allowed to draw conclusions from «private source of information», however the Juror 8, Davis does not respect this rule with the knife he bought.

Moreover, this film denounces prejudices.

Indeed, their judgements are based on prejudices because the suspect comes from a poor neighborhood and is not American (Spanish).

We may conclude that the jurors in the USA may not always obey the law and the instructions given to them.

Certainly because Jurors are chosen at random, so 12 Angry Men may have revealed a fail in the Jury System.

Still in relation with justice, art can denounce miscarriage of justice.

That is what Bob Dylan wants to show in his protest «Hurricane»about Rubin Carter, a boxer who spent 19 years in jail for a murder he did not committed.

In short, 3 people were killed at a bar in Paterson in 1966, 2 white witnesses Bradley and Bello, said that Carter was the killer.

In prison, many people sympathized. »


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