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Publié le 22/05/2020

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« A man killed four persons on Friday in Santa-Monica, on the West of Los Angeles, before being killed by the policemen.

The second individual was placed under police custody in connection with this slaughter before being relaxed.

At least five other persons were hurt, including one in a critical condition.

The shooting took place a few kilometers away from the place where Barack Obama assisted a fund raising.   A spokesman of the Secret Service in Washington indicated that the incident, " an affair concerning the local police ", had no consequence on the visit of the president, for an informal summit with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Palm Springs.

The police of Santa-Monica was alerted at around midday for a fire, shots and a flight of a car in the same sector.   Two bodies were discovered on the scene by the fire then two others on two sites situated between the burned-out house and the library of the university of Santa-Monica, where the presumed shooter was shot down by law enforcement.   Three women hurt by balls, which the one in its car parked in front of the burned-out house, were hospitalized to the health center Ronald Reagan, where one of them died, The shooter was from 25 to 30 years old, according to the investigators who have not determined the mobile at the origin of the shooting yet.

A present student in the library, Cyrus Jabari, age 19, described a man dressed in black with hair short.

The frequency of such slaughters in the United States feeds regularly the debate on the control of firearms, among which the ownership and the port are guaranteed by the second amendment of the Constitution.. »


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