Spaces and exchanges

Publié le 21/10/2021

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« Introduction: Today, I will talk to you about the notion of “spaces and exchanges”.

A space can be defined as a continuous area or a space that is free, available or unoccupied.

But an exchange is the act of giving or receiving something in lieu of something else.

Word exchange can take many forms: economic/cultural/movement of people. Economic: trade in labour, cross-border trade, trade in goods.

Cultural: exchange of ideas, information, education.

Movement of people: immigration, student exchanges, down years ( la Gap year)… Today, exchanges are facilitated by new technologies such as the Internet. In this presentation, I will talk about migration.

We often heard the quote: The grass is greener on the other side of the hill» So I will try to answer the question: is the grass always greener elsewhere? I) Reasons for emigration There are a lot of reasons why people emigrate.

It can be for economic reasons.

People are hoping to find a job and make a living to help their families who stay in their country.

These are also religious reasons, in many countries at war, not all religious are accepted, and people have to flee their country.

These are also often political reasons, when the government of the country is a dictatorship escape, it is a solution with the intention of having a better life.

Everyone has good reasons to emigrate, and there are many different reasons to flee.

But it’s not always easy. II) Going abroad is not so easy For example, immigration from South America to the United States is so complicated.

Many migrants died during the trip, not to mention the travel conditions which are horrible, they can be on top of a train, or on a boat in bad condition with many migrants.

The journey can be very long and people cannot eat or drink.

To go to America, some people are forced to work for drug traffickers, and that is very dangerous.But also when you arrive in the country wanting as the United States policies put in place may be unfavourable to these people.

For example Donald Trump hunts Dreamers.

So spaces can be dreamy places and sources of disillusion.

However some people succeeded abroad and became famous ( like Sundar Pichai of Indian origin became CEO of Google ). III) Issues related to exchanges Take the example of the document seen in court, the film The lions.

The lions is a film that tells us the story of a young Indian who got lost and it is found in capital.

Lost in this urban mass, he was taken in by an association that helps orphans.

He is thus adopted by an Australian family.

However when he arrives around the age of twenty-five he wants to find these origins and his mother again.

This film shows the problems caused by immigration and the exchange of men. Conclusion: the grass is not always greener elsewhere, because many people do not manage to. »


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