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Publié le 13/02/2022

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« Hello everyone today I will introduce you the company Nike. First of all, its organization name is Nike.

Nike was created on January 25, 1964, in Oregon, United States.

It’s a private company. It was created by Paul Knight.

He’s the head of the organization and the major shareholder.

Then Nike is a for-profit organization.

That is to say that it sells products but also it satisfies the demands of the customers and innovates new products.Furthermore, Nike’s business sector is secondary.

Because it is specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of shoes, articles and sports equipment.

Nike is a large company with over 71,000 employees in 2019.

It’s an SAS-type company because it’s shareholders.Then its resources are both material, immaterial, financial and human.As human resources there are: 23,000 employees for the communication, commercial and research activity; 600,000 employees through subcontractors.Then for the financial resources it is a profit organization so its resources are essentially the result of its sales which are constantly growing.Then for Material resources there are more than 100,000 stores worldwideAnd finally the intangible resources there is website, application . After its geographical field of action is international because it is a brand known worldwide.

And its production mode is special because Nike has no factory.

Its system consists of reducing the company to a head office organizing the subcontracting of the manufacturing.Its head office is located in Oregon in the United States.

Then Nike differentiates itself from its competitors thanks to its investment in research. »


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