Introduction : Last day, I saw a documentary about the evolution of the family.

Publié le 08/12/2021

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Introduction :
Last day, I saw a documentary about the evolution of the family. On the one hand,
the family in art so cinema or TV and the other hand the big breakthroughs in the
world. And you will see that unfortunately today it is still di?cult.

Développement :
Also the first example they used is the painting Norman Rockwell, Freedom from
Want. It represents everyday’s familial situation during Thanksgiving Day. The
narrator of the documentary said that The father is the bread-winner, bring home
the bacon and the mother the caregiver. This is a nuclear family.

More recently, they analyzed the TV show, called Modern Family. So this is a
blended-family with Jay the patriarch, his children their partners. Jay must be a
widower but he has a girl-friend who’s younger than him. She has a son and there
are a mixed-race couple because she is latino. The Jay’s son is married to a man,
so it’s a gay-couple. They adopted a girl Lily.

Families were once almost exclusively composed of a mother, a father, and a
couple of kids. Nowadays this family norm no longer exists. Family can be
composed by a single mother, father, two mothers.

Coming back to our subject about mixed-race couple, I remember that I saw a
movie called … Guess who’s coming to dinner by Stanley Kramer. It was released
just five months after interracial marriages stopped being illegal in the USA. Racial
riots occurred in 1967. Black Americans were not allowed to marry to white
people. It is the story of a mixed-race couple. On the scene that i've saw, the
father said the need to face bigotry and prejudices and you need to cling tight to
each other.

Does a family even require the presence of a mother and a father in order to be
defined as a family ? So there is no archetype family.

Also it was the first aspect dealt in the documentary. It also talked about big

In June 2015, Gay Mariage was legalized by the Supreme Court in USA. For the
pros, there is a historical day and a great example for the world. They are no longer
second class citizen. For the cons, they said that it is the end of the USA and god
will punished them. All the civil society move forward to improve ethical rights.

After this documentary, I saw a commercials on TV for Cheerios, the cereals. It
shows a mixed-race family, and a little girl who’s eating cereals. After that, I saw on
the internet that the reaction of people was racist and aggressive. I don’t
understand how people can be too o?ensive. Cheerios try just to portray an
American family. In only 30 years, the numbers of inter-racial mariages has greatly

Conclusion :
Also, the representation of families in movies or TV shows evolve with the history.
There is tremendous breakthroughs in the world. The next step is probably the
legalization of surrogate mother. I highly recommend you this documentary

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