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Compréhension P.27

1. This text is an extract of an essay.

2. His nationality is American (To line 1 : \"My first real encounter with the world outside United States\")  , his jobs are journalist ( From line 2 : \" I spent […] an anti-government news-paper […] \") and teacher (From line 27 : \" From the classes I’ve taught and experienced abroad […]\"). He is married (To line 15 : \"my wife\"). He was done India (From line 15 : \" my wife and I lived for six months in India\") and South Africa (From line 2 : \" working for an anti-government newspaper in South Africa\"). He has 68 or 69 years old because he said \"in 1962\" and \"nineteen-years-old\"


3. First part : From the line 1 to the line 25 à The bad face of USA

    Second part : From line 26 to the end à The good face of USA



5. a) The narrator and many of others Americans aware that America was not defending freedom.

    b) The USA exerts its economic power over developing countries.

    c) The USA has refused to sign most international agreements.


6. a) It’s false : L. 13  \" Despite President Bush’s cowboy foray into Iraq, the way most nations experience American might these days is not military, but economic.\"


    b) It’s true : L. 15  \" I had not thought much about globalization until my wife and I lived for six months in India in the late 1990s.\"


    c) It’s true : L. 17  \" Indians were outraged by American corporate attempts to patent basmati rice…\"


    d) It’s true : L. 21  \" When it comes to a different kind of international agreement, those of which the human race has reason to be proud, the United States has refused to sign almost all of them…\"


7. From the line 36 :  \" We may not be economically equal, but we assume a kind of social equality with others…\"


8. From line 32 \" our schools and colleges at their best \" and from the line 34 \" the tradition of free speech\"


9. The three examples are : From line 38 \" the liveliness of its classrooms \", from the line 38 \" the inventiveness of the Internet \" and from line 39 \" the thousands of civic organizations \"


10.  a)  \" the one \" à (L. 42) \" the most vibrant civil society on earth \"

         b)  \" the other \" à  (L. 43) \" a trigger-happy superpower of terrifying arrogance \"


11. The narrator is proud of the country of America, but he understands why the USA is criticized by the others country.


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