Publié le 02/12/2021

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An ancient Greek god. The Greeksknew Adonis as a god who was imported from theancient Near East. His name seems to bear out thisidea. It seems related to the Semitic word adon,which means "lord."Adonis fi gured prominently in The GoldenBough, a well-known collection of mythology byJames George FRAZER. According to Frazer, Adoniswas a typical god of vegetation. He died and roseagain in imitation of plant life. The ancients didindeed know some stories about Adonis beingrestored to life. But these stories were told aboutAdonis only at a very late period.According to some myths the GODDESSES Aphroditeand Persephone struggled over Adonis. As aresult, he spent part of the year with each of themin turn. According to another famous myth, toldby the Roman poet Ovid in his Metamorphoses,Adonis was a favorite of Aphrodite who was killedby a wild boar while hunting.The women of Athens worshipped Adonisby planting gardens on their rooftops during thehot summer months. When the plants died, theymourned the god's death.

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