Publié le 02/12/2021

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This text intitled entitled Being Brown is about a college student in her late teens who was born and raised grew up in Chicago whereas she’s got Indian origins. It raiss (raises?) an important issue between she and her father. Both of them doesn’t share the same opinion about India and America.
Both of them discuss on 
about Indian status and onabout the trumps of their immigration in the United States. On the one hand, Priya advocates his origins and on the other hand his father explains her that their current fortune is the consequence of this immigration. 

It’s true that it’s difficult to become integrated into a country which is not his own because of the racism which remains omnipresent. 

(grammaticalement correcte, mais pas très agréable à lire... simplifies les phrases...)

His father seems more centred on the consumer society, the goods while his daughter focuses on the contempt of Americans because of their skin colour.
There is a generation gap between both but I am rather in the opinion of the father. Indeed, he is the only one to have 
had known India and only him can assess the difference between India and America, that’s the reason why he ironically says her to go to India to become aware of reality.
Furthermore, it’s necessary to know how to make the good decision in the life, and between having a stable situation in the first world power with a little of discrimination without exaggerating, and handing to mouth with respectful «skin brothers« in a country where we just have roots, the choice is fast made!
I don’t want to break my neck. 

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