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Greek Best known as a mighty hunterand as a constellation of stars. Orion was the son ofPoseidon and Euryale. He was a Boeotian giant,with the power to walk on the seas. Orion lovedMerope, daughter of King Oenopion of Chios, anisland off the coast of Asia Minor. In a fit of anger,the king made Orion blind and left him to die on theseashore. Orion met a boy, Cedalion, who guided himeast toward the Sun, where he found Eos, goddess ofthe dawn. She restored Orion's sight. Many womenand goddesses loved Orion, including the goddess ofthe hunt, Artemis, and Eos.In one story, Apollo, brother of Artemis, was jealousof his sister's affection for Orion. He sent a giantscorpion to sting Orion to death. In another story,Apollo had a fight with Orion and flung him into thesea. Orion swam away. Apollo asked Artemis to shootthe object in the sea with her arrow. This Artemisdid and unknowingly killed her lover. She set theconstellation Orion in the heavens, with the scorpion(Scorpio) at its feet. His faithful hunting dog, Sirius,is part of the constellation, seen high in the wintersky in the Northern Hemisphere.

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