my dear brother

Publié le 15/05/2020

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« My dear brothers.

I thank you all for coming at my farewell party.

I came to Douth of Africa two weeks ago to work as a legalcounsel for a wealthy merchant, and that is how I was terribly discriminated against. It’s when I took the train at Durban.

In the first place, I bought a ticket to be in the first class compartment.

But when I washere, a white passenger protest to raibrood officials, he said that hadn’t my place here.

Next, a policeman threw me and myluggage of the train, which continued its journey without me.

I needed spend the night in the station’s unlit, unheatedwaiting room ! How dared they ? I loosed one’s temper ! But it was this night that I made up one’s mind.

I would fight for myrights and the rights of all people ! Therefore, I summoned you in Pretoria for this. It has been for such a long time since that they insult us.

I know that I am not the first one but I would see to it that be the lastone ! The Westerners are prejudiced against Indians.

They say that we aren’t as them because of our origin or skin color..

Why onearth do they make it ? For what do they blame us? Let us haven’t we access to same rights that they ? I totally disagree, Ican’t stand these bias or prejudice resulting in denial of opportunity , or unfair treatment .

I won’t have discriminate against somebody ! My dear brothers, listen to me please It’s time to stop that ! We must stand firm against it ! To put it differently, I’d say that toestablish and to reaffirm our civils rights and the egality Recently I told there is a bill which would deprive Indians of the right to vote for members of legislative assembly; whichwould plan.

I am mad with rage ! That’s bigger discrimination it can exist ! Our indignation is enormous.

It’s necessary at allcosts that one react. I suggest you my dear brothers joining me in the fight do our rights !. »