How Is Britain Dealing With Its Identity Crisis ?

Publié le 28/04/2022

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« How is Britain dealing with its identity crisis ? Première version : What is Britishness ? Identity is one of those concepts that we are all familiar with on the surface, but probably struggle to define. Throughout the centuries, the UK has become more and more multicultural, its identity has changed, sometimes with some difficulties. However, since Brexit in november 2020 which separated Britain from Europe, the country is dealing with its identity crisis. Why is Britain dealing with its identity crisis ? Indeed, the multiculturalism that politicians grapple with in contemporary times is a more recent invention, a response to the changes Britain experienced to its racial and cultural makeup after World War II.

As mass immigration from many other countries continued throughout the 20th century, the modern struggle to create a narrative of what it means to be British began. As well, to get Brexit done is an enormous act of self harm based on an insecure delusion of what Britain was, what Britain is, and what Britain should be causing division.

Some are scared that old cliches might come back. In fact, the country is now split up into two clans. On the one hand, Britain is considered to have become racist, stuffy and outdated, withdrawing from the world while simultaneously assuming that the world owes England something.

It would be better if the British rejoined the EU. Many Brits with foreign origins against Brexit make themselves heard. For example, Magid Magid concluded a speech berating Prime Minister Boris Johnson over his handling of Brexit by asserting his own identity.

He claims to be proud to be British, Somali, African and a European.

According to him, Britishness is part of a complex and multifaceted identity.

English lived experiences add up to what it is. On the other hand, Britain is said to be too soft, ruined by pink-haired uber liberals in London who want to silence people and degrade the country.

Brexit would be the only solution.

Four in ten adults in this country agreed that having a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures has undermined British culture. Before and after the 2016 referendum that started Brexit, people justified their vote by talking about trade deals, immigration, etc. According to an article from in 2018, most people recognize the benefits of migration on economic and cultural levels but are concerned about pressures on public services and housing. People ask themselves about this crisis : is it “We are Britain and this is us in the 21st century” or “We are England and we will do what we want” ? Even within the UK composed of several islands like England, Scotland and Ireland, there is an even bigger crisis.

Brexit is an English phenomenon which is not accepted in Scotland.. »


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