Exposé sur la femme

Publié le 23/02/2023

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« Exposé anglais Entrée : Generally speaking, in Western society, the public and private spheres are perceived as two separate entities.

The public sphere represents all that is active, political or media life, while the private sphere is related to the life of the individual.

private sphere is related to family life family life, intimacy, hobbies.

For this purpose we will first look at the place of women in the private sphere, their transition from the private to the public sphere and the place of the women of today Ma partie Today, we can see that the women's struggle has borne fruit.

That is to say that the situation of women has greatly improved.

Before, the society said that women had to stay at home and had nothing to do in school.

Now, it is mandatory for them to go to school.

So we have intellectual women in society who participate in the development of the world; before they were marginalized, now they have to take on many responsibilities just like men.

If before we did not see women in politics, now we see women ministers, presidents, deputies, mayors and many others.

They are entrepreneurs, leaders.

At home, they participate in decision making.

Despite these achievements,.... »

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