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« Borough of New York City : The Bronx The Bronx is one of the five boroughs comprising New York City.

Situated north of Manhattan, it is one of the less touristy attractions in the city, although it has a rich history marked by inequalities and a fight against violence.

Inequalities are still visible with significant segregation between ethnicities.

In the Bronx, there are two affluent districts, namely Riverdale and the Country Club Estate. Initially occupied by the Sivanoy, in the 19th century, a wave of immigrants began populating the district.

At first, Christian immigrants and communities from North Africa and Haiti settled in.

This place is characterized by its multiculturalism, sustained by the constant evolution of ethnicities inhabiting the Bronx.

It wasn't until 1874 that the western part was added to the NYC estate. To facilitate transportation, the first subway line was inaugurated. Between WWI and WWII, the cohabitation of different cultures in the Bronx intensified violence in the district.

Moreover, the 1929 bank crisis caused a significant unemployment crisis, affecting the entire estate.

The Bronx was heavily impacted, and its impoverished population faced challenges to survive.

It was nearly impossible to break out of this poverty cycle, so much so that the Bronx was known as a "poverty trap." After WWII, drugs and violence caused by gangs continued to contribute to the desolation in the district.

To add to this, deindustrialization had a huge consequence: unemployment for workers who were living in the Bronx because of it was the accessible district of New York City. However, in the 60s, many roads were constructed, reducing inhabitable space. Another significant event was the increase in housing fires in the district.

Termed as an "urban blight" period, this crisis was caused by the lack of help offered by the estate.

Insurance only assisted when habitations were destroyed by fires. One of the saviors of the Bronx is Hip-hop, which contributed to giving the district a street culture reputation.

Breakdancing appeared initially and evolved through influences of other styles emerging at.... »


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