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The title character in the book of Danielin the BIBLE. He is likely based on a fi gure inCanaanite and earlier Hebrew literature.Ancient texts discovered at Ugarit in Syriaduring the 20th century reveal that, well beforeany of the Bible was written, the Canaanitesknew a legendary hero named Dan'el. This fi gureappears in the biblical book of the prophet EZEKIEL(14.14; 28.3).The book of Daniel records stories and VISIONS.They allegedly took place during the exile of theJudeans in Babylon (586–539 B.C.E.). The book'saccount of this period is, however, very confused.Much of the book is written in Aramaic, a later language,and it does make detailed and accurate allusionsto some later events. Therefore, it is customaryto ascribe the book to an anonymous author wholived during the Hasmonean revolt (167–164 B.C.E.).Jews classify Daniel with the Ketuvim or"writings"; Christians consider it a prophetic book.It is unique in the Hebrew Bible in that it is anapocalypse (see APOCALYPTIC LITERATURE). It does notrecount historical events. Instead, its purpose wasto call the Jewish people to remain faithful to theirreligious heritage, despite oppression and persecution.In giving reassurance, the book looks forwardto a RESURRECTION from the dead (12.2–3). This ideainfl uenced later Christians, as did the fi gure of the"Son of Man" (Daniel 7.13; cp. Mark 13.26). TheNEW TESTAMENT book of REVELATION borrowed muchimagery from Daniel's visions.

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