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Publié le 17/05/2020

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« 16 Bowling Green Lane British Universities North America Club London EC1R OQH Dear Ms or Mr, I was looking for a programme which will be intersting for my future work when I find your programme and your proposition for the following job caughts my attention : Activity staff for music.

It caughts my attention because I am a very big fan of music and I'd like to work in this sector. I think I will be the perfect person for this job becausxe, firstly, I've been playing the guitar since 5 years now and, with all the humility I have, I'm not bad.

And actually, I love to work in with groups of people, I'm really humourous and energetic.

I have already organized some concerts and other events like this and I am pretty good at it. I don't have a lot of experience nevertheless, I am hard-working and I learn very quick.

Besides, I could support the others to progress and I could supervise them and teach them how to innovate and improvise.

On top of that, I could get an idea of the world of music and meanwhile I would have the opportunity to share my musical cultur and my point of view about the music of today, and yesterday.

And, I could show how creative I am. Moreover, the fact that your programme takes place in Canada, or United States Of America, interests me a lot, because in one hand, It's one of my dream to go to Canada and to live there for a couple of months, and in the other hand, I will have the opportunity of learn a new way of life, even if Canada is a developpate country, I think Canada's inhabitants have another point of view of the life. I'll be really glad of getting an opportunity of meeting you for an interview about this job, if my cover letter interests you, contact me by telephone at the 555- 259-367. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Drew MacDirnt.. »


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