Publié le 02/12/2021

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The most important GODDESS of theancient Greeks. Athena was a warrior goddessrenowned for her intelligence. In that regard shecontrasts with Ares, the god of military chaosand unthinking violent rage. According to mythAthena was born from the head of ZEUS. She herselfremained always a virgin. Thus, the name forher most famous temple, the Parthenon in Athens,derived from the Greek word parthenos, "virgin."Many cities worshipped Athena, but shewas especially the goddess of Athens. At Athensthe major festival in her honor was the Panathenaia.During this festival an enormous processionparaded through the city. It accompanied a newlymade peplos or embroidered robe, which was suspendedfrom the masts of a ship-like cart. Thenthe Athenians presented the robe to the image ofAthena on the Acropolis.Because of her intelligence, Athena was thegoddess of all skillful undertakings, especially spinningand weaving. In myth she was the patron ofmany heroes, especially the crafty Odysseus. Herspecial animal was the owl. Images also show herwith the aegis, a mythical object shown as either acloak or a shield (interpretations vary). The aegisis decorated with the head of Medusa. Later generationshave seen Athena, like APOLLO, as embodyingcharacteristics distinctive of the Greeks.